Balance! the Key to Empowered Living

In terms of astrology, I am a Libra. The astrological symbol for Libras is the balanced scale. Now – I am not much into astrology, but I do like the Libra symbol, and I find it to represent my general way of thinking.

Finding balance in life is important. I am not referring to the work–life balance dichotomy so frequently discussed. What I am talking about is a balanced way of thinking and being. Having a balanced approach to life, period.

Let me share a few thoughts on what I mean by a balanced way of thinking and being.

A balance way of thinking and being means:

  • You accept that there will be joys and sorrows, victories and defeats, successes, and failures. You can experience them all but not identify with them. You have experiences, but you are not your experiences.
  • You accept this because you understand the principle of polarity. Everything has two sides with levels of gradients in between. This is the energy of life. Positive and negative. One side cannot exist without the other.
  • You are a seeker of truth. You want the facts. You have emotions, and you experience them, but you do not allow them to control you.
  • You are okay with people having different opinions and points of view other than yours. In fact, you want to hear and try to understand them. However, you do not allow differences of opinion to negate the fact that there are also things we share and can form relationships around that.
  • You remain grounded and accept both praise and criticism equally, not allowing one to make you think more highly of yourself than you ought; or allow the other to bring you down too low.
  • You realize learning is a lifelong process. You are human and imperfect, and there is always room to grow.
  • Finally, you understand that life comprises mind, body, and spirit, and you have practices that give attention to each of these areas of life.

I am sure you have your own thoughts on what a balanced way of thinking and being means.

These are just a few of mine. I pray you find your place of balance and make the best of this thing called life.