Making Our Most Important Decision

Let me tell you something you already know. Each of us can decide who we want to be. In fact, either consciously or unconsciously, we have already done so. While others may try to define us, the power remains our own to determine the person we want to be, along with the power to make it so. Deciding to be our true self, the person we truly want to be, is our most important decision on living the life we desire.

As simple as this sounds, some of us struggle with this notion. We allow others to dictate who we are. Sometimes it’s because we don’t feel good about ourselves and habitually compare ourselves to others only to find ourselves falling short. Because we’re comparing ourselves to an idealized perception rather than a reality, falling short is a certainty. Sometimes it’s because we want to please someone else, so we fall on the sword and sacrifice ourselves to become what someone else wants us to be. The unrelenting internal struggles that ensures as a result can suck the energy out of life. In either case, we end up denying ourselves and the world the true experience of who we are.

The hard truth is, whether we succumb to the issues noted above, or for some other reason, we’re the ones making the decision to allow it; and only we can decide when enough is enough and begin the process of reclaiming our identity. It takes courage to do so, but it is within our power to make it happen; it always was, and always will be. There is no one else to blame.

Fighting our way through whatever hinders us from being our true selves is not easy, but it all starts with the decision to do so. The process is different for each person. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The one thing that we all share is the power to make the decision. That is Step One for everybody.

We all have the power to shape our approach to life. It starts with a little self-reflection and becoming clear on who we want to be. Reflect on these for starters: What’s really important to you? What are the things you truly want to accomplish? Who are the people you want to meet and associate with? Where are the places you want to go? What is the life you want to lead? Once you’re clear on these, it’s time to get started. Again, the process of reclaiming ourselves is different for each us. The plan, and the steps we need to follow will unfold once the decision is made.

If you’ve struggled at all with this, let now be the time to end the struggle. Decide that it’s time to live my life, my way. Now is the time we decide to be our true selves and live our lives to the fullest. It’s not a question of “can you?”, it’s a question of “will you?” Namaste!